We don't just pay you to do filing & photocopying 

FLEXIROAM offers the most experiential structured internship programme ever because we believe in investing time to make a difference in our apprentices' lives. As an apprentice, don’t think that you will be sitting idly by as all the exciting things happen; instead you get to be part of it! No, you won’t be the one running around getting us coffee or doing the little stuff; each step we take, you take it with us! We believe that every moment is a chance of gaining knowledge, whether it is newly acquired or learning more about something that you already know. Knowledge is constantly imparted here, especially if you’re an apprentice.  From open and friendly co-workers to caring supervisors; every moment at FLEXIROAM is constantly filled with learning, joy and laughter. So just sit back, relax and have the time of your life!

Business Development Apprentice

Being a raw and unmatured student that I was, prior to coming to the company I had set an objective of challenging myself to learn things I would not be able to learn in the campus environment. Sure enough, FLEXIROAM provided the platform that springboards my basic understanding of managing a company and a gentle yet truthful introduction to the working culture...I learned the importance of having great people around you, how having the right company culture affects performance, the rights and wrongs of office ethics, the essential fun required in doing great work, and the basis of important skills required in business development. Most important of all, I am most grateful that it became a platform that allows me to grow personally as an individual to be a better, sharper, and knowledgeable person.

Adam Goh
Sales & Marketing Apprentice

Love how rapid it was growing during my internship period; I had a strong ownership in the Sales and Marketing department in juggling challenging tasks while learning new sets of skills from my lovely manager and my charismatic boss. I learned to grow my competency to communicate with client via phone and personally while securing sales and meeting appointments; exposed to fairs and events (where they have generously invested a lot of confidence in me) and working in marketing projects. It was where I discovered many unknown skills and competencies I had all along and found my passion towards the service industry.Work aside, I was lucky enough to join their quarterly team-building trip which was the most memorable event throughout my internship. Although only for three months, I was proud of what I was doing and accomplished, even until now. FLEXIROAM has also developed me personally in understanding the appropriate corporate culture that incorporates work-life integration which welcomes everyone, irregardless of who they are.

Sharon Ng
Operations Apprentice

With an open culture, caring supervisors and a great diversity of people; it's hard to believe that this is a workplace. My time spent here has been nothing but beneficial, insightful and eventful. From learning new things to spending time with the people, FLEXIROAM has opened my eyes to a different view of the working place, and I will forever be grateful for the experiences and friendship that I have gained here. This is a community of people who work and play equally hard for something bigger and better; FLEXIROAM is a family.


Experiencing my internship in both Sales & Marketing and Business Development team at FLEXIROAM has been a great start to my venture into the business world. My internship took place in the duration of 3 months and I did so many exciting things from planning and implementing my own marketing campaign to learning all about stock prices and investor relations. Having the opportunity to undergo my internship at FLEXIROAM has given me a real life experience of how the real business environment works. Both my respective department supervisors were very supportive. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and learnt a lot. For those who intend to do their internship in FLEXIROAM, I must say, you're making a great decision. FLEXIROAM will not only let you learn, but also provide you with great skills that will help you in your future. FLEXIROAM has a great F.U.N. working culture where everyone is appreciated and recognized.

Business & Development, Sales & Marketing Apprentice
Product & Development Apprentice

It has been a great journey of exploring a new career as a Software Engineering fresh graduate. During my Bachelor's Degree studies, I've got to work with several companies on projects of different scale, but FLEXIROAM is just different! FLEXIROAM emphasizes on a F.U.N. working culture and employees' character building and the people here that I have worked with are just so generous with knowledge and patience. They were never reluctant to help and teach me whenever I face any problems or difficulties.As an apprentice with the Product Development department, I have acquired new soft skills and technical skills from experienced software developers here on mobile and web app development. They often guide and advise me on the projects that have been assigned to me.For students that are looking for internship placements, Flexiroam is definitely a great place to gain great experience and meet great people. Come with an open and teachable heart, be thirsty for knowledge. Discover your true passion with FLEXIROAM!


My internship with FLEXIROAM was for 3 months. I started in mid-December and ended mid-March. I was the apprentice for the Business Development team and my role evolved around reviewing contracts, doing write ups for the ASX announcements and managing the investor’s page. I learnt to edit a website, write formal announcements and script legal documents. The team as a whole was very supportive and guided me through my work. I think it was a great internship for me and a wonderful experience as I met a lot of lovely people and enjoyed the friendly work space. I would advise anyone who wants to do internship in a more vibrant environment to join FLEXIROAM.

Business Development Apprentice
Product Development Apprentice

Being in FLEXIROAM for eight months as an apprentice gave me a clear idea on how this company operates. The way tasks are assigned and distributed never made me feel as an apprentice but more of a full-time employee. Still when the times got tough I was blessed with a supportive development team, a supervisor who is always cheerful and provides guidance in a very constructive way. During the apprenticeship programme, I met many people in FLEXIROAM from various countries and various fields who were friendly, talkative and humble. The fact that everyone comes from a different place in the world made people unite together as a family. This family-like culture allowed a sense of no-boundaries spirit whether you’re talking to a VP or the CEO, cracking crazy jokes or discussing cultural differences will get everyone hyped. However when it came down to learning and working, I was guided at first and then asked on matters that I wanted to know more about. They also always try to put me on tasks that are related to my interests or at least direct me in the right way. I am thankful that I had the right support and guidance throughout my internship by the amazing team.



If calculations and numbers are your thing, then try out for the Finance and Accounting team! They may be constantly looking at their laptops with a serious face, but their brains are constantly on the move figuring out balance sheet and processing payment! As the Accounting & Finance apprentice; you won’t be sitting by filing payments, you get a firsthand look into the ways of the Finance and Accounting world.


Do you yearn to join a team of people that are crazily fun and constantly on the move? Are you passionate about the HR world? Do you want a firsthand experience on how it feels like handling the affairs of a corporate company? Join the team of widely talented people who are dedicated in upholding the company’s core value and constantly one step ahead in handling staff affairs.


Are you familiar with software tools? Do you have a passion in software engineering or graphic design? Do you believe in a balanced work and play life? We are seeking fresh young minds who are dynamic in nature and aren’t afraid of taking risks for the picking!


If you have a passion in entrepreneurship, look no further! Get a firsthand look into how to expand and maintain a business. Gain experience on how a startup company operates while exploring ways on how we can grow further.


Are you a driven person? Do you think you have the determination to make things happen regardless of the obstacles? Or are you more of a behind-the-scenes person? Interested in doing research and reading up on sales and marketing adventures?


Are you good with troubleshooting internet problems? Can you converse well with others, even through the phone or email? Do you know the internet like the back of your hand? If you do not mind to go extra miles for people in solving their problems, then this is where you should belong!