The media has become such a powerful influence on us that when we step into the working world, we are terrified of all the drama and politics that goes on internally. With F.U.N as the FLEXIROAM core value, we try the best we can to infuse them into our company culture. Look no further, for you have come to the right place if you’re searching for a company that upholds a different kind of value and FUN even during work hours. Just remember, we work as hard as we play.


Picture this, no fixed working hours and casual wear to the office on a daily basis. Sounds interesting? Here at FLEXIROAM there are no fixed hours like the usual 9am-5pm rule. We know the horror and understand the tiredness of getting stuck in traffic jams. Plus why wear the uncomfortable formal attire on a daily basis? We want you to be comfortable even though you’re at work. On rare occasions, we even have ‘pajama’ day where everyone comes in their jammies! In addition to that, we practice a flat structured hierarchy here at FLEXIROAM. The office portrays a sense of openness and you get a chance to seat right next to your boss at the office, because we don’t believe in the traditional way of having your own cubicle. Don’t be surprised when the office is filled with music, chatter and laughter. We’d all fall asleep if there was a pin drop silence.


In this fast paced and ever changing world, flexibility plays an important part. One needs to be able to adapt in order to survive. The world changes, technology improves; and for one to be able to keep on standing, one needs to be flexible. We welcome great ideas as long as they contribute positively to the company; regardless if you’re an associate or undergoing your apprenticeship. As most of them constantly quote, ’Change is inevitable’.

Utmost Innovation

Here at FLEXIROAM, we encourage our associates to go the extra mile in their performance at work through innovations.  We encourage ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem, to be heard. We like it when our associates aren’t afraid to take risks and are open- minded with a focused vision. The associates over here play an important role in their contribution towards the company, thus we look out for their voices and input. So, we conduct sessions called ‘I Like, I Wish, I Wonder’ where the associates get to let us know what they like about the company; from the people to the environment. We love to hear from our associates regarding any matters; troubling or not. This helps us grow through innovation as we continue to establish the constant expansion of the company. If you’re a dynamic person who is up for constantly learning new things, then look no further.

Noble in Character

Here in FLEXIROAM, we place a special importance to a person’s character. That’s why the N in FUN stands for Noble in Character. Grades don’t matter as much, compared to as how you carry and present yourself in the office. This is why we hold a session called Character First every month by our VP of Operations. In these sessions, the associates are taught the many different ways of upholding themselves and making themselves a better person as to better present the company name. As the world continues to change, we become less and less worried about our attitude and pay more attention to other things like money and beauty. Not here though, we want you to uphold good virtues that are slowly being forgotten. Character plays an important role as part of our culture not only because it helps avoid internal conflict, but also because a little kindness and honesty goes a long way.


Basically, FLEXIROAM practices a culture that is closely linked with our core values. As our core spells out the word fun, we also love to infuse it into our company culture. We know sometimes it can get tiring and stressful, so in order to make things a little lighter, we conduct monthly outings as a way to distress after work. These outings are usually arranged by different people every time, and they are usually sports related. But this doesn’t mean we don’t go out for other outings as well! We usually catch a movie after work together or if anyone happens to be hit by the singing bug, we will head to the karaoke centre. In addition to that, as further encouragement, we send each department on a holiday each year. The goal is to allow them the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal basis. After all, nothing like spending a few days with each other while sharing our deepest darkest secrets tightens our bond, right? We like to call these journeys Flexi Fun Hunt, because you’ll be hunting for places to go, stay, eat and also have fun! It’s a natural custom in each company that we celebrate the festive seasons as they come, but here in FLEXIROAM it becomes a totally different affair. Our festive celebrations are given a special theme like the latest Chinese New Year celebration that we threw – all associates were required to have the colour red, regardless of their outfit – or last year’s Christmas celebration that was themed ‘Pajama Party’. In a nutshell, we’re a pretty dynamic fun bunch of people who love to be constantly on the move and uphold great virtues in life.