About Us

Founded in 2011 by Jef Ong, FLEXIROAM’S aim is to expand the horizons of global communication. In today’s ever changing world, the need to be constantly connected, especially with one’s home country is becoming more and more important. FLEXIROAM is the leading prepaid international mobile roaming service provider that allows consumers to use their existing numbers whilst travelling. We offer international outbound travellers worldwide an unlimited flat-rate voice and data roaming services in over 200 countries. 


FLEXIROAM has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in June 2015, has over 800,000 subscribers and partnerships with over 100 travel agencies and is poised to become a formidable name in the international mobile roaming marketplace. Our extensive product pipeline will include the latest in communication innovations, complementing its core products and keeps the company ahead of its competitors. These core products currently include Budget International Roaming SIM Cards, which allow travellers to roam globally on a single SIM card and enjoy low cost data and voice roaming. We believe in the attempt to spare you the aftershock of receiving an overdue bill after your vacation or business trip.


We pride ourselves in being one of the fastest growing budget international roaming providers in the Asia Pacific. FLEXIROAM has acess to 580 telecommunication networks worldwide. We operate within 3 international airports in Malaysia and are expanding to major international airports within the region. Through FLEXIROAM, global travellers have managed to save over USD 5.5 million worth of roaming charges.

The People 

FLEXIROAM believes that people are the greatest asset in an organisation. We value talents and people who want to make a difference at their workplace. Approximately 30% of FLEXIROAM talents are Foreign Knowledge Workers from more than over 10 different countries.  We aim to double the size of our workforce in the next 2 years and definitely welcome talents from all cultures and countries to join the big FLEXIROAM family. The diversity of the team creates a fun & innovative working culture for both locals and foreigners alike. FLEXIROAM desire is for everyone to grow as leaders of the organization and bring FLEXIROAM different parts of the world and make a difference! 



 To be the leading roaming service provider globally through providing exceptional service to our customers and eliminating shocking roaming charges 


Build the best roaming experience and product for our customers around the globe


Jef Ong


Emmeline Pare


Lim Xin Yu

VP Product Development

Nicholas Yeap

VP Sales & Marketing 

Tan Li Choong

VP Network & Support

Jason Khoo

VP Business Development

Elfreda Ong

VP Operations